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Bio: Lori Sky Twohy was born and raised in Southern California, where she discovered her love of photography at the age 8 after buying her first camera at a garage sale for a quarter. In the 7th grade, Lori took her first black and white class and was hooked the moment she stepped into the dark room and watched the chemicals turn her plain piece of photo paper into an 8×10 portrait of a family member.  From there, she enrolled in photography and yearbook classes for the rest of her middle and high school years and was always the girl with a camera when hanging out with her friends.

After graduating from Palm Springs High School, she started working as a photographer for a local company who specialized in selling golf tournament souvenir pictures to tourists. It wasn’t long before she started her own business becoming her former bosses competition at only 19 years old.

Around the same time, some of her young friends were getting married and on a small budget, so Lori stepped in to help for the experience and charged them nothing but the film a developing costs.

By the time she was in her 20’s, Lori was making a living shooting golf tournaments at more than 10 Southern California golf courses, as well as photographing at least one wedding per month. During these years, she started traveling and discovered her love of nature and documentary photography. The outdoors became very important to her as she came to terms with some personal demons in her mid twenties and she found the combination of being in nature and using her camera to document it, very therapeutic.

Music has always been a critically important part of Lori’s life as well. She spent a lot of time photographing her friends bands, live on stage, as well as setting up photo shoots for them, out in the the desert, where she would use the rugged desert landscape and mountains of the Palm Springs area as a back drop. As a result, she landed her first photographic publication in the magazine Flip Side as well as her first CD publication for the band Solar Feast. The publications continued when she started shooting for other local magazines such as Desert Rhythms, Sage Magazine and The Desert Woman.

Around this time Lori joined the local camera club in order to learn more about nature photography and socialize with others who share her passion. When Lori entered her first Desert Camera Club photo contest she won first place in the nature category and was given a perfect score for her image The Joshua Tree. Lori was instantly addicted to the feeling of being a winner at something she loved and this inspired her to want to focus more on nature photography and less on golf and weddings. Lori started dreaming of owning her own fine art nature gallery where she could sell her art and also use her images to help educate others about the environment.

Right before Lori turned 30, she went on a back packing trip through Europe and fell in love with art history. The landscape paintings she saw by Van Gogh and Monet (as well as many others) on her trip, made her want to be a better landscape photographer, so that she could work toward achieving her gallery dream. So after Europe, she enrolled in college to study Art History, Photography and Psychology with much of the tuition paid for by scholarships she won with her nature photographs. This of course, led to many gallery exhibits at her school, as well as local art galleries in down town Palm Springs and Palm Desert. She was also traveling to national parks at this time to participate in nature photography workshops and in the year 2000 she got to study under the direction of her hero Thomas D. Mangelsen.

Well, in the year 2007, it finally happened. Lori opened her own gallery in Palm Springs to rave reviews. All the years of hard work and learning through trial and error had paid off and she was living the life she had planned for. But as we all know, plans can sometimes be ruined by outside circumstances and Lori lost her gallery to the recession.

It was a tough blow to her, but as we all know, we just have to pick ourselves up and move forward, so Lori did just that, and has moved her photography business to North Carolina to explore a new life. She still shoots family portraits, weddings, food, golf, and she shoots music all over the country for her online music magazine. She has photographed Phish, Robert Plant, The Allman Bros, Big Head Todd and the Monsters, Dave Mathews, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The String Cheese Incident just to name a few.

All of Lori’s Images were taken with a Nikon FM2, a Nikon D50 or a Nikon D80.

Photography Resume

Work Experience

Photographer/Owner of LST Images, October 1990 – Present (formally known as Photographs & Memories)

Specializing in Weddings, Events, Sports, Concerts, Fine Art Nature and Commercial


Associate Degree in Photography and Art History – College of the Desert

Nature Workshops with: Thomas D. Mangelsen, Bill Fortney, Jeff Foott and Craig Tanner

Photography and year book – Palm Springs High School 1982-1987

Photography – Palm Desert Middle School 1981-1982

Member of Desert Camera Club – 1996 – 2000


Dumont Foundation Scholarship Award, 2000

La Quinta Arts Foundation Scholarship, 2000

Multiple 1st & 2nd place awards at Palm Desert Camera club

Honorable Mention National Date Festival, Indio 2001

Honorable Mention in Photographers Forum Magazine, 2000

College of the Desert – Deans list, Fall 1999

Publications 2011-Present 2009-Present

Desert Sun News Paper 2003

Score Cards and Brochures for Hidden Valley Country Club

Score cards for Desert Dunes Golf Course

Desert Post Weekly, May 2001

Photographer Forum Annual, 2000

Sage Magazine, Dec 1996 – Mar 1997

Desert Woman Magazine, Oct 1995 – Dec 1995

Desert Rhythms Magazine, Dec 1995 – Jan 1996

Flip Side Magazine, Aug 1994 – Dec 1994

Fine Art Exhibits

Dumont Scholarship Exhibit, College of the Desert, 2000

La Quinta Arts Foundation Scholarship Exhibit, Gallery on El Paseo, Palm Desert, CA June 2000

Scott Van Dyke Studios, April 2001

Village Fest, Palm Springs Oct 2001 – Aug 2004

College of the Desert Student Art Exhibit, April 2006

A n L Studios and Gallery (Photographer/owner) Palm Springs 2007

Rossettas Kitchen, Asheville, NC June, 2011

Other qualifications/information:

20 years photographing at amateur and celebrity golf tournaments dealing in a high paced environment and retail sales of the printed photos the same day.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at or call 828.216.6687



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  1. Hello Lori,
    My name is vitor and I am a lifeguard for the public beach here in gulf shores Alabama. We both met last weekend at the Hangout Festival. We took some pictures together with you and the lifeguards and I was just hoping to contact you to ask you to email them to me. Thank you do much. If you have any problems sending them contact me by email and we can try to work something else put. It was such a please meeting you and maybe we will see you soon.

  2. lori,
    we talked briefly before you went to florida ’12. just had moved to asheville from greenville, n.c.
    last august. had lots on my plate. dwindled down very much 6/09/13. did you come back to asheville
    from florida? if you did, email me what’s on your photography mind? hope to hear from you soon!
    have lots of booking experience in photography.
    would like to hear what photography ideas you have !
    might could do some booking, depends?

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