Welcome to LST School of Photography.

Lori believes in a hands on and down to earth approach to learning how to use your film or digital SLR.

Please join us for one of our upcoming Photography 101 classes on Saturday Mornings from 11 am-2pm at her studio in South Asheville for only $99.00.

We will go over everything from lighting to composition to the basics of how to use your camera on the manual setting in any and all photographic situations. 

If you are already pretty good with your camera, we can also help take you to the next level of starting to make a living as a photographer with special instructions on how to run a photography business or how to specialize in any of Lori’s expertise, such as wedding, nature, music or golf photography…these 8 hour advanced classes will be taught privately, one on one, according to your schedule at a daily rate of $399.00

Please call Lori at 828-216-6687 to make an appointment.